The Tironui Music Trust

Our Mission Statement

The Tironui Music Trust was established to promote formal education in music, with particular emphasis on performance for young children from low decile schools.

Our Aim

The desired outcome is to provide a pathway to the wonders and joys of participating in music making for children for whom this would otherwise not be possible.

We look on this programme as a pilot scheme for future development in other low decile schools throughout New Zealand.

How did we get our name?

Our address is Tironui Drive and the word means “big view”, which seemed a particularly appropriate description of the project we were visualising. 

Where to from here? 

Since 2006 the Tironui Trust programme has expanded from one class of 25 children, and now offers the programme to 500 children in nine schools in the Papatoetoe-Penrose area.  By the time they finish Intermediate they will have received 4 or 5 years of tuition in their chosen instrument. 

Development has been steady but gradual, as we must always be aware that each child will cost the Trust about $700 per year for four or five years, excluding instrument purchases.  All children receive free tuition, books, transport to and participation in related activities.

Plans to develop the programme in other clusters are limited by lack of funds.  The budget for 2019 will be about $500,000 which includes the purchase and maintenance of instruments, teachers’ wages and administration costs.  Funding is solely through private donors, with no Government grants.

How you can help

The Tironui Music Trust is a Registered Charity (CC10934) and welcomes any offers of support. Please go to our Funding page if you would like to help by donation of money, instruments or expertise - or you are interested in starting a Trust similar to our programme in your area.


All of the videos above are courtesy of Baz Caitcheon

April 2012

“The Quartet members all enjoyed working with the Tironui Trust children in South Auckland again, and know how valuable this kind of project is in the development of up and coming young musicians. You are doing fine work here and we wish you continuing success with the programme.”

NZ String Quartet Trust

“The band members have made huge progress. Their self esteem is sky high – the other students look up to them in awe.”

Trevor Canute – Principal, Papatoetoe West School

“We have finished another very successful year at our school and the boys and girls in all of the String Orchestras would say the same. One of our highlights was performing at Selwyn Heights Village last week for the residents and their Performers’ Choir. Our children were magnificent and a real hit with the audience. Lynn organized this and drummed up a large group to attend and reinforced the work of the Tironui Trust to them all.”

 Graeme Gilbert – Papatoetoe East Primary

“These students have already gone from Band ‘zeros to heroes’ in a short space of time. I know they will grow in their personal confidence and that is already evident in other areas of their lives.”

Heather Keys - Music Teacher